Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it fit my bike?
  • Yes. If you have a quick release mechanism for your rear wheel then we will provide you an attachment that allows your trailer to be connected to your bike. If you don’t have a quick release mechanism then give us a call and we can make something that suits your bike.
  • Will it work with pannier rack?
  • ¬†Yes
  • Will it work with different size wheels?
  • Yes
  • Will it work with a full suspension mountain bike?
  • Yes
  • Will it work with a hard tail mountain bike?
  • Yes
  • Can I use this on technical downhill?
  • Yes, within reason! Its been taken down NZ grade 4 routes without problem.
  • Is it waterproof?
  • The lid fits snuggly and the plastic of the trailer is waterproof so for everyday use it will keep your stuff dry. Submerging it in a lake is probably not a good idea.
  • Do you ship world-wide?
  • Sure
  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • A 1 year guarantee, no questions asked.
  • What are the dimensions for the trailer?
  • For the capsule the dimensions are 73 (length) x41 (width) x30 (depth) cm
    The full length of the fully assembled trailer is 1.6m
    Attached to your bike, there is an additional 1.25m length now following behind.
  • Can I take it on an aeroplane?
  • Yes, as hold luggage.
  • Can I take it for a test ride?
  • Sure – give us a call/email/drop into the workshop.
  • Can I use it for a road bike? Commuting?
  • Absolutely! Its been used for bringing home the weekly shop as well as for adventuring.
  • How do I get one?
  • Contact us!